Ampradoza Consultants provides training in contract analysis and general contract management awareness. Both trainings are based on the publication Construction Contract Analysis.

Contract analysis training

A contract with one-sided conditions does not have a reasonable prospect of making profit. Managing the risk will require a huge financial contingency up-lift but this is not feasible in a competitive market. Contract analysis is the proper answer.

This training focuses on how to analyse construction contracts. It covers the topics to be analysed and the measures to be taken: be knowledgeable of exactly which contract conditions will lead to a higher risk profile under what conditions.

Does the contract make you liable for design errors by the Engineer, the delay by other Contractors or loss of production by the Client? Will you receive payments even if you have made a mistake?

After participating in this training you will be able to how to make a structured analysis of construction contracts. Further you will have basic knowledge on improving your commercial position by means of negotiating qualifications.

This training is particularly valuable for middle management and sales or bid engineers.

Contract awareness training

What is the reason that so many construction projects are completed with excessive time and cost overrun? Part of the problem is related to contract management, or the lack of it.

This training focuses on the implications of contract conditions during the execution of construction contracts. The purpose of this training is to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of commercial and contractual issues.

While focussing on project managers, this training is written for all people involved in the commercial or legal side of contracting. This includes all technical personnel involved in the bidding process, as well as all personnel involved in project execution.

Apart from the fact that they should be aware of the contractual obligations of the Contractor, operational personnel should also recognise the limits of their work and be alert to possible rights to additional payments owing to additional work or the Client making mistakes or failing in his obligations.

After participating in this training you will have a basic knowledge of contract conditions concerning: various types of contracts, contract parties, boundaries of the scope of work, payments and guarantees, damages, liability and insurances, and contract administration.

This training is particularly valuable for middle management and discipline specialists.

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