Construction Contract Analysis


Ampradoza Consultants joined the development of a publication for structured analyses of construction contracts.

The publication “Construction Contract Analysis” has been developed for the construction industry and more specifically for the activity of bidding for major construction projects.

Construction Contract Analysis offers a practical approach to systematically analysing construction contracts in the bidding stage. After analysing a contract with Construction contract Analysis you will have tackled the most commonly encountered contractual problems with construction contracts. This will help to prevent time and cost overrun due to errors made before construction starts.

It also furnishes the project manager and those involved in the bidding process with a basic level of knowledge or at least a certain awareness of basic contractual issues. Written in a clear and accessible style, it is divided into several sections covering:

  • Tender management process
  • Contracts and contract parties
  • Clarifying the scope of work
  • Financial opportunities and risks
  • Minimising risk
  • Contract administration

Using many real-world examples and illustrations centred on commonly encountered contractual problems, Construction Contract Analysis serves as a practical guide to make contract management accessible to all involved in bidding for construction projects.

You can order the publication Construction Contract Analysis directly at our publisher Lexmedia by using the link order now. Further the publication will be available in most online bookstores.

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