Consultancy services

Ampradoza Consultants provides independent contract management services for construction projects from start to finish. Supporting clients with contract analyses, tender management, contract management, claims management and training.

Contract analysis

Ampradoza Consultants offers a systematic contract analysis with an in-house developed tool. After the analysis you will have tackled the most commonly encountered contractual problems with construction contracts.

The analysis results in a practical report of the level of exposure and risk you could potentially face. This enables you to make informed commercial decisions to ensure you are receiving maximum value.

Contract reviews are often performed on short notice and can be combined with support during negotiations.

Tender management

It is of utmost importance to fully understand the scope description and the subsequent risks when making a bid and possibly entering into a contract. Ampradoza Consultants offers a risk analysis on: scope and operationally related provisions, financially related provisions, contractual and liability related provisions.

Tenders based on UAV-GC contracts offer specific challenges. Ampradoza Consultants is experienced in the development of project management plans, project quality plans and risk analyses.

Contract management

Providing day-to-day support to the project management and responsible technical personnel with the administration of the contracts.

Identification of potential risks by thorough review of correspondence and active participation in meetings, and ensuring clients best interests by close surveillance.

Administration of change orders in compliance with applicable project and company procedures. Maintenance of change order registers. Review of change orders.

The aim of contract management is to prevent claims by close control of the schedule and contractual obligations and by facilitating an open dialogue with the Client.

Claims management

In construction contracts claims are on the increase. Ampradoza Consultants is experienced in the presentation of, response to, and negotiation and settlement of claims.

Providing presentations of claims based on a systematic approach in which contract clauses, project planning, (financial) correspondence, and minutes of meetings are presented in our clients’ best interest.

Advising clients through the most suitable process to reach settlement, which might be; direct negotiations, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration, or a court case.

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